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Dear Aman Aviation Guest,

           ” We are requesting you to be patient, if you are trying to online booking and unable to get confirmation.As a consequence of several travel advisories that Government & DGCA issued this has resulted in a change of flight planning. We are in the process of  sanitizing our Chopper,SOP’s for the crew and ground staff to sure that all our guest are safe while on-board.Due to advisories from the authorities  most of the staff who are travelling from public transport are asked to stay back home.We know it must be frustrating for you not to get  immediate response to your booking request or to be on hold for an extended period.Our sincere apologies for these waiting Please rest assured that we are trying our best to re-schedule our joy rides and dates will be announced soon on website.”

                            “All those guests who would like to re-schedule their rides after 31st March can please contact on phone or send email with revised dates and those who wish to cancel the booking and wants refund, may do so without any deduction or cancellation charges till further notice”.



About Joy Rides

Aman aviation conducts Helicopter Joy ride in a Pilot + 3 seat Robinson R-44 helicopter, which has bubble shaped glass cockpit with all 3 window seats , worlds best helicopter for aerial viewing of Mumbai City. We provide helicopter charter facility as per client’s requirement. We also provide Services like Pipeline Survey in Petroleum Industry, Film Shooting, Geological Survey using Suspended Cameras, etc.

We Have

2010 Manufactured Robinson & Air conditioned Robinson R44 Raven II Helicopter (VT-CNJ) in our fleet

For Best Aerial view Experience of Mumbai City from 500 to 700 Ft. height.


Charter Booking

We are pleased to offer Charter Booking services.

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Helicopter Banner Towing Services

One of the most unique forms of aerial advertising helicopter banner towing has been initiated on sustainable basis in India. A3S offers this one-of-its-kind advertising option. Heli-banners are made from light weight aviation grade fabric ranging in size from 3000 to 8,000 sq. ft.

Flower Showering & Special Events

For those special corporate or personal events call us to find out how we can make that special day of yours, better in the skies, A3S also offers unique services like :

• Flower and Leaflet dropping
• Corporate Promotions / Product launch

Helicopter Support for Film Making

A3S can support Indian and Overseas film productions while they are making films anywhere in India. Indian production houses from Mumbai and all the 4 South-Indian states can use our chopper as camera platforms for aerial shots and as props.

Helicopter for Geophysical Surveys

Geophysical surveys for precious metals using helicopters for carriage of under-slung electromagnetic sensors suspended on a long line are a highly specialized aerial task. Various large multinational mining companies, Steel & Power companies and Government Agencies like National Geophysical Research Institute etc can opt for the helicopter services.



In case of any complaint or suggestions please contact info@amanaviation.in

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